The Ubermensch’s Apple of Discord

The Übermensch (German for Overman, Overhuman) is part of the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, who posited the concept as a goal for humanity to set for itself in his 1883 book Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The German prefix ‘über’ can have connotations of superiority, transcendence, excessiveness, or intensity.

Zarathustra presents the Übermensch as the creator of new values within the modern moral vacuum. For Rüdiger Safranski, the Übermensch represents a higher biological type and an ideal for anyone who is creative and strong enough to master the whole spectrum of human potential, good and “evil”, to become an “artist-tyrant.”

Discordianism is a belief that disharmony and chaos are the valid aspects of reality. The Principia Discordia hints that Discordianism was founded as a dialectic antithesis to more popular religions based on order, as the book’s rhetoric describes chaos as an underlying impulse of the universe.

The book also contains the Law of Eristic Escalation, which states that “Imposition of Order = Escalation of Chaos.” It elaborates on this point by saying that the more order is imposed, the longer it takes for the chaos to arise, but the greater the chaos that arises.

Warning: any person who drinks this beverage instantly becomes a genuine and authorized Pope of Discordia, with all the rights and privileges commensurate with that role. Oh yeah, it tastes like green apple, chamomile, hibiscus and clove. For more information, consult your pineal gland.