Slavic Albino’s White Russian

Art by Medic Tairie.

The Albino is not to be questioned. If the Albino does not like you he will take you out back and shoot you in the knees. When the Albino speaks, you will listen. The Albino told me to make him a drink to help him quit shooting amphetamines and cocaine.

I put a dry half-ounce of black Colombian coffee prepared in the Turkish style into each litre. This was not good enough for the Albino. I added another dry half-ounce of coffee made into espresso. The Albino took the gun away from my temple. I added English toffee to sweeten and butter pecan creamer to whiten it up, in his image. The Albino took the smart look off my face with the heavy end of the vodka bottle. I wiped my blood off the bottle and added the vodka to the drink.

I offered it to the Albino, eyes downward, knees shaking. He knocked it back and began to shout viciously in guttural Russian. I cringed, but as the music came up I realized he was thanking me. Na zdorov’ya!