Creme de Caca

Art by Oli Blu.

In 2010, the minions asked for a chocolate drink. The Evil Wizard, in his swaggering contemptuous way, replied, “chocolate drinks are crass.” But the minions offered money and since minion is another dirty word for customer, the Wizard sneered, “I shall give you a chocolate drink and I will call it Poop Drink. And you will love it.” In this way Creme de Caca was forced out into the world.

That first legendary batch was so thick it would solidify on a cool day, causing it to extrude from the squeezed bottle in greasy clotted turds. This batch is smoother, with black cherry, dark chocolate and almond finish giving the robust flavor of a black forest cake. Partially digested nuts and cherries float like lone soldiers. Enjoy your sugar coma.