Beetlejuice Bathtub Gin

Blended in a bathtub and bottled in a swamp, this is the gin the Wizard has been promising since 2004. It took him years of poring through esoteric tomes filled with arcane knowledge and psychedelic mold spores to learn how to summon his personal hero and role model Beetlejuice.

With this troublesome pervert as his taste taster, finalizing the recipe took only a matter of days. The spiciness of coriander, cinnamon and peppery notes of cubeb and angelica supplement the sluttiness of juniper (that bitch is all over your tongue) and the beauty of orange, while bitter almond finishes right up your nose.

Beetlejuice suggested we place a beetle in each bottle but we talked him out of it. The twenty percent version is blended with tonic, spruce beer and a hint of grapefruit and lime.

“It’s Showtime!”

Now if we could just get rid of the smelly bastard.